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When provided opportunities to grow, we often are not sure whether to complain or accept the growth situations. For many times those growth opportunities are provided to us in the forms of loss, paid or discomfort as well as through new ideas, happiness or a joyful events.

The important aspect to remember with any growth opportunity is that you, yourself, have established and provided those opportunities for your own growth experience. You provide the opportunities so you know fully how to profit from them. They are yours in every form.

June 15, 2002, Clyde E. Atkisson, Jr.


If you attempt to function daily doing things at the moment - actually, in the moment - that feel right for you, the Divine Plan is in expression. If you find yourself experiencing unfavorable feelings, then the Divine Plan is not in operation for you. Remember, it is not how long you live on the Earth; it is how you live on the Earth. The next few years and decades will witness a change in direction of Earth and within the totality of the Creative Expression. You can do your share in contributing to that change by doing what you know should be done for yourself. If you are true to yourself, your actions, thoughts and expressions will become part of that change. They will become part even if you are not aware, but to be in awareness is a more contributive.

September 11, 2002, Clyde E. Atkisson, Jr.

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